I’m a self taught photographer from Jørpeland, Norway. Previously I have worked as a journalist and editor. Currently I work in a home building company.


I shoot photos and video in both my professional and my private life. I also do aerial photography. When I’m not shooting at work I especially enjoy sea photography.

Work with me

Got any good ideas for a project, want to learn some tricks of the trade or just want to hang out and shoot some surf, please let me know. I’m always up for a collaberation if schedule permits.

I do some assignments and commercial work. Contact me to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

Org.nr: 997675541


Please respect the copyright rules. I do not shoot photos for you to take without asking. I use expensive gear which does not pay itself. The sea is a precarious place to work, and you’re always in peril of hurting both yourself and your equipment.

Photo by the legend Memo Gonzalez