Jæren, Norway: My 12 favorite surf photos from the 2019/2020 season

Jæren, August 2020:

As we eagerly await the upcoming wave season ahead here’s a retrospective into the season that went by.

If you want to keep up on what’s going on at Jæren, please check out my podcast Reve Allstars on Spotify, Google podcasts ++ (Norwegian only).

Top 12

And now, these were my 12 favorite shots from 2019/2020:

12. Freddie the Eagle

Fred is going to be hard to beat in the Boretunet Surf Fest, someone commented on this post. Such a shame the event never materialized due to Covid.

11. Camilla walking in

Always do a few shots from shore both before and after you go in I keep telling myself. This is why.

10. Monster Saturday

Every year there’s a few days at Jæren that just completely blow your mind, and keep you high on adrenaline for days. This was one of them.

9. Danish dynamite

The challenge of shooting in the ocean is what keeps me going, but no rule without an exception. Shooting sunsets is as giving by the shore as inside the water. This is Lars, he’s danish.

8. Cammo & the infinite greyness

Even though the sunsets of Jæren are the stuff of legends, most of the time this place mostly consists of layers of grey.

7. The 3 horsemen of the Apocalypse

Hallgeir, Dag and Jan Erik enjoying a quiet moment in the warm water an early day in the fall of 2019.

6. Low morning light

Drone shots have the capability of being just f%#¤%¤ awesome. This one was taken an early morning with the warm light of the low sun hitting the surfers like there was no tomorrow.

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5. Cammo’s tunnel vision

I always do a few test shots with my camera housing before I jump into the sea. While I was testing the mechanics on this particular day Cammo came passing by.

4. Frozen turn

Timing is everything. Eivind caught in the action. Lens flare as an added bonus in this particular shot.

3. The Log Ness Monster

A silhouetted Torger paddling into a backlit wave a sunny day.

2. Christian behind the wave

Timing is everything. This type of shot I was contemplating for a while, when it suddenly materialized thanks to Christian & his orange floater.

1. Love in the sun

Love Berggren is a neverending tornado of energy who you more often than not will find roaming the beaches of Jæren.

Check out the Reve Allstars episode featuring Love Berggren here:

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