Surf at Jæren, Norway: Report from Jæren boardriders 2019 tour, stop 1

Years and years after the last event with Jæren boardriders, the series rose from the ashes at Bore beach Saturday the 21st of September.

With the Swedish logistics ace Love Berggren steering the wheels, and Andre Gilje from your new favorite beach hostel Boretunet as his second in command, the event was smoothly executed from start to finish with tons of good help from other kind souls.

A few weeks back the remains of the hurricane Dorian took the high sea temperatures away from us, but the fine weather this Saturday made up for it. At sunrise the warm summer tones hit the misty beach, giving a magical feeling everyone who loves Jæren know by heart.

By 08.00 the competition area was ready to go, and the first competitors of the day had entered the sea.

A few hours after sunrise the hot air meeting the cold water gave way for a thick fog, which came and left more than a few times during the contest.

In the end Runa & Thiago were crowned champions, after a day that perhaps will not be remembered for it’s fine wave conditions, but for it’s great sense of community and for a competition well delivered.

Hopefully this is just the beginning!

Shots of the day

The people featured in this gallery are (among others): Love, Thiago, Frode, Andre, Kristine, Per Arne, Sigve, Bjørn, Runa, Ine, Ingeborg, Terje, Per, Jørn, Eirik, Omar, George, William, Jon Erik, Birk, Valentin, Kenny, Martin, Kristian, Richard, Robin, Glen and a bunch of other fine people I don’t really know.

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