Kite at Jæren, Norway: 15 shots from a sunset session in the Norwegian Caribbean

Getting the chance to shoot sunset sessions with talented water sport athletes is always a treat.

Around these parts these types of shoots are few and far between, but when the stars align, they are pure magic as far as I’m concerned.

Even though the wave season is over for now, the wind season is on as always.

With the forecast looking windy, and the sun promising to show up, we grabbed our wetsuits and the BBQ and went to the beach for a weekend hangout crossing our fingers for the evenings to come.

We were not disappointed.


Camera settings

Shooting fast paced action in a sunset is as rewarding as it’s difficult.

Getting the vibrant color of the sky right while getting the focus on point without motion blur (unless you want that) can be a head scratcher if you’re inexperienced.

Here’s a few pointers:

  • Never go AUTO ISO
  • Expose for the sunset
  • Shoot RAW (as always)
  • Keep your shutter speed faster than 1/1000 (unless you actually want to do slow shutter speed shots)

Going in I opted for a 50mm, F/1.4 which works fine in difficult light conditions. 50mm is a good choice both for shots up close, and for medium distance shots.

After doing some test shoots I decided on doing F/3.2, ISO 100 and adjusted the shutter speed for the diminishing light. During a sunset shoot you have no more than an hour to work your magic. Later on I increased the ISO to 200. The shutter speed started out at 1/8000, with the last shot being at 1/2000.

Kite shoots are less physical demanding for the photographer than surf shoots. Most of the time I was waiting at a spot just off the shore, not moving much. To keep myself from floating up and away I did the shoot wearing a 10 kg led belt.


A few shots

Karl Oskar & Valentin joined me for the session. Please check out their social media profiles.

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