Surf at Jæren, Norway: 17 shots from a classic sunset session

The wind was howling for most of the day, but with the sunset getting closer the weather calmed down.

Shaking off a fresh jetlag, having arrived from overseas just a couple of hours earlier, Runa joined in for a late afternoon session at one of my favourite spots.

We were not the only ones grabbing the opportunity with both hands.



Shooting sunsets is a difficult but fun challenge, especially when the direction of the wave forces you to shoot into the sun.

In these situations I usually prefer setting my camera for the background, making sure the colors from the setting sun actually turns out as they were. However adjusting the camera for the background could make the foreground dark, depending on your spot in the lineup.

In this case the colors were breathtaking, as the intense yellow slowly turned into a light red.

I went in with the 70/200mm fixed at 200mm, with my ISO at 200, shutter speed at 1/1600th and F/4.0.

A sunset shoot typically lasts for less than an hour, not giving you much time to experiment.  As the sun faded away I lowered my shutter speed, and increased the ISO until the daylight dissapeared and the grainyness of the ISO conquered everything else.


The shots

Surfers include: Shannon, Thiago, Runa, Åse +++
















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