Surf at Jæren, Norway: A moody morning in November

The left was working.

Kind of working.

Not really working.

But it was working enough for a patient soul to grab a few.

I’m going in, someone said.

Eh …, I thought, sipping my coffee.

I didn’t really feel it.

The clouds were grey, and although they were curling nicely in the offshore wind, the offerings from the ocean were small and not looking overly tempting.

But then again, I was there and I had nothing better to do.

Also I had a new wetsuit (with no holes I might add). And this could indeed be a good occasion for testing a few camera settings, without risking losing the tube of a lifetime due to the camera deciding to focus on a passing seagull instead of the action.

It didn’t sound all that bad after all.

I finished my coffee, grabbed my water housing and jumped in.

Layer your shots, bro.


Camera settings

I shot a few pictures from shore, but as always I prefer to share insight on my ocean settings as they are much more difficult (and fun) to decide on.

Normally I shoot with an aperture at around F/5.6 – F/6.3 in the sea. This is not really optimal, but it is the kind of aperture that gets the job done in the ocean where everything is moving constantly at a high speed.

I picked up the 70-200mm, and set it to F/4.5. This aperture does indeed give you more light, makes you object pop more and your background blurrier, but it also makes focusing way more difficult.


Due to the clouds being completely grey I thought fixing the ISO to auto would not do much harm, as it probably wouldn’t go completely grainy on me anyway.

The shutter speed I set to 1/2000 sec. 

After 20 minutes or so in the water, a few beams of sunlight cracked through the sky and gave the grey a touch of moody purple-ish yellow.  Luckily my  settings didn’t suffer to much.

Actually it just made everything better.

Christian’s board is shaped by local craftsman Adrian Hole.

Them shots

Surfers include Eivind, Christian, Kirill, Torger.




Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.



Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.






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