Surf at Jæren, Norway: Into October

Knees aching, thighs screaming.

The remains of what had been a good day at Jæren were hard to ignore, especially the day after the fact.

The current was a feisty one.

It was worse earlier in the day, someone had said. I found that hard to believe, although it probably was true. Still, in the supposed late afternoon calm, the ocean was a worthy foe.

Swimming into position, shooting a few, losing position, trying to get back to position, getting drawn further back, finally finding the position, getting washed away again.

Rinse and repeat for hours. A new day, a new shift.


Camera settings

Although not being noteworthy great, the light conditions were tolerable, with some classic Jæren grey inbetween beams of sunlight and clouds flying by.

Due to the respectable size of waves, I once again fixed the fisheye lense at 15mm and fitted it inside a dome port. The fisheye has proven itself to be a real gem, however it has some obvious drawbacks, especially in a busy current when proximity is key.

You don’t want to shoot distance shots with a 15 mm. Come next shoot I’ll probably rotate back to a 70-200 mm, if the wave size does not scream for a ultra wide lense.

I did full manual, setting aperture to F/6.3, ISO to 500 and exposure to 1/2000 sec and never looked back. My backplate does not have the option to do any adjustments while in the ocean, which is kind of a pain, still most of the time it works out ok.

The shots

Surfers include: Thiago, Christian ++

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