Kite at Jæren, Norway: Saturday seen from shore

With the kiting season nearing it’s end at Jæren due to the bird conservationist community, I joined my buddy Karl Oskar for a few hours of kiting.

Shooting kite from inside the sea is less challenging than shooting surf because you really don’t have to move much in the water, and there’s no wave patterns you need to work out, but it does have it’s charm.

However this day I decided to stay dry, and took my camera for a short walk while shooting from shore.

Walking with the camera you get to meet more of the locals than in the ocean.

Camera settings

The area around the chosen spot of the day is both beautiful and quiet, lending itself nicely for a stroll. For a change I opted for the longest lense I’ve got, the 150-500mm.

Shooting with these long lenses can be quite tedious, if you get to close you can’t really build layers and interesting compositions, so I decided to both do some close-ups and keeping a distance, using whatever object I found as foreground/background.

The lense itself is a cheap Sigma version, which stops at F/6.3. That in itself is fine, as kiting is a fast moving action sport, and focus is difficult if you choose a higher F-number, but at the same time it means you won’t get crystal clear objectives standing out from hazy backgrounds.

I chose the lowest ISO I could, 200, aperture at F/6.3, shutter speeds ranging from 1/650 to 1/1000 for starters and did continuously shooting always being mindful of the focusing.

Birds. 500mm. F/6.3, ISO-200, 1/1000 sec.

The shots of the day


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