While you were sleeping

Waking up early during summer seems way easier than waking up early during winter.

Even though Jæren might be situated in the south western part of Norway, we’re still way up north. In mid June the sun sets around midnight, and returns just a few hours later. 

Getting up at 04.00 seems the logical thing to do when the forecast tells you to be in the water early, before the sea returns to being flat. Getting up this early seems especially logical given the fact that the sun is already getting up way ahead of you.

At 04.20 the sun paints the sky pink and the morning mist is setting in. At 04.45 the car is parked. We are two friends going out early, but we are definately not alone. There are already 10 dark hooded figures in the water. We have all seen the same forecast, and we have all chosen fun before sleep.

By 05.00 we are swimming toward the waves while the sun is painting us golden. 15 minutes later the sun is gone, transforming the sky from bright, radiant yellow to classic Jæren grey.

We didn’t complain. Being in the sea this early really gets your day off to a good start.

Jæren, 04:50. 289mm. F/5.6, ISO-200, 1/250 sec
Jæren, 04:58. 150mm. F/5, ISO-200, 1/125 sec


For this session I opted for the Canon 70/200mm, and chose shutter priority mode (TV). I fixed the lens at 70mm due to the size of the waves, which were allright, and because I felt like swimming closer to the action than what the 200mm allows. In hindsight I wish I had gone 200mm because of how flat the light turned out after the sun left, but that’s knitpicking. I wasn’t bothered going back to shore adjusting the lens. The ISO I set to 400 and the shutter speed I set to 1/800 sec.

It turned out ok.

The people in the following pictures are (among others): Ragnar, Adrian, Torger, Andre and Kristian. 


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