A cloudy evening in June

The sun has been kind to us lately, giving us unusually high temperatures both in sea and at shore. However the tides have turned somewhat, and the summer storms have braced us with a few visits.

In the wake of one of these summer storms I rigged my gear for an afternoon at sea. With sunset hitting just before midnight, and last light an hour later, the conditions for ocean photography is ideal in these summer months.


The reports promised a nice day at sea, however the power of the ocean was not keeping up for the reminder of the day as it had during office hours. This is by no means the high season of surf anyway.


The cloudy sky above did not invite for photography, neither did the waves, but in that moment it did not matter all that much. I needed a swim.

Even though it gets hot in the summer time I usually keep my winter wetsuit all year around, something I did not regret that day. It was way colder than I thought it would be, especially wearing no gloves.


Given the sub par conditions for photography, with small waves and grey clouds, I opted for the Canon EF 70/200, F/4 and fixed the zoom at 200 mm. I always shoot RAW, hence I decided to do my shots a little under exposed, at ISO 400 and 1/800. Also I shot in shutter prioirity mode (TV).

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

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